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Irrigreen - Digital Smart Sprinkler

Irrigreen Sprinkler System

Digital Sprinkler Heads
Digital Controller
Intuitive Irrigreen App
Cloud Connectivity
Informed by Live Weather Data


Same Green Lawn. Half the Water.

Cut your irrigation water bill in half. System will pay for it self in 2-3 years

​With our revolutionary all-digital sprinkler system, you use fewer, more 
efficient heads, that accurately water to the exact shape of your landscape.

  • A greener, lush lawn without wet and dry spots while you save 50% water.

  • 195% wasteful overlapping water in the central area of each zone.  

  • One central head uniformly irrigates in the exact shape of each zone.

  • Fewer Parts, Less Digging, 1/3 Labor to Install

The IrriGreen system evenly applies 0.05 inches of water per rotation. Users select how many inches of water per watering event (in increments of 0.05”) and software calculates run times and inserts the time into the watering schedule.


This precise application of water eliminates overwatering due to inaccurate 
calculation of application rate in mechanical systems. 


In conclusion, IrriGreen digital sprinkler system eliminates water waste due to overwatering, overspray, and application rate inaccuracy.


Irrigreen Sprinkler System


Digital Sprinkler Heads


Digital Controller


Intuitive Irrigreen App


Cloud Connectivity

IrriGreen multi-stream nozzle applies water evenly everywhere in any shape zone using software to calculate the surface area every 0.8 degrees of rotation. Software digitally controls the rotational speed and valve opening to deliver an equal amount of precipitation everywhere within the zone shape.

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